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01 May 2011 @ 11:49 am
Day of the Moon Review/Speculations  
I couldn't sleep last night due to belly ache and I actually had goosebumps. Normally I would grope around in the dark and happily fall over animals but last night I had all the lights on and kept spooking at the sound of my dog's grunting or the odd creak from upstairs. Clearly, Moff was on top form then. Parts of the episode were terrifying. My mind is racing with ideas. Never has there been a two-parter that opens up so much speculation.

General Review
Moffat does fantastic two-parters but I have always felt as though the second does not always match the first, especially with last series' finale. This time, I cannot say which one I preferred. This episode had less comedy, but some truly chilling scenes, and we finally got to see River and Doc begin their relationship (from his POV) which is something I have waited three years for. It's very rare that my ships sail,  and I am ecstatic this one has. Pah to you, Gary, who said it would just be another case of a companion with unrequited love for the Doctor. For once my instinct was right! 

I wasn't happy with the opening sequence. They skipped to 'Three Months Later' when I wanted to dive straight back in where we left off, and it was very obvious that Amy, Rory and River hadn't been killed in the first two minutes. It was meant for dramatic effect, and they invested a lot in their on-location shoots, but it lacked substance imo. Sorry Moff.

The pacing was bang-on. Every scene in the orphanage was pure art and finally we saw some stella acting from Karen Gillan. It's as though series 5 was a warm-up for series 6 for her, and I may now begin to like Amy Pond in this series. The way they used the lightning and the markings on the skin to show when the characters had seen the Silents was pure genius - it put us in their heads, we had to feel confused and feel as though we had memory blanks too. It was a throwback to Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead when Donna was in the library's database living a dreamlike existence - Moffat uses editing to show how things aren't as they seem very effectively but I do wonder how much the younger audience can understand it.

The final action sequence with Doc and River fighting back-to-back was fantastic. More than a bit of flirting in that scene followed by a satisfying defeat of the Silents - LOVE River's kickass shooting skills! Also Eleven's tcomment about how he likes River shooting skills shows how he has developed and changed from Ten, who despised guns, and shows how Eleven is infatuated by River even though he knows she is far from a saint. I am not altogether convinced we've seen the end of the Silents since the Doctor asked them to run and that they've been thrown off Earth. They must get into the TARDIS at some point, or continue to pursue Eleven, otherwise how did they get the TARDIS to explode? When the Doctor meets the Silent, the Silent says that 'Silence will fall' implying the finale had yet to happen from the Silents' POV.

Onto speculations ...

 The Little Girl
The easiest answer is that she is Jenny, aka David Tennant's fiance from The Doctor's Daughter. She could have regenerated not long after being 'born' and therefore regenerated as a baby/toddler, was subsequently captured and taken to the orphanage. It would be neat and tidy. Moffat was the one who asked RTD to keep Jenny alive at the end of the episode. He wouldn't have done that if he didn't wish to use her at one point.
But that would be shit. So...

In my totally biased opinion, I think she's Eleven & River's daughter. There's a lot River is still keeping from Eleven and 'the mother of your child' might be part of the big reveal we get at some point during this series. It would explain the girl's regenerative powers and why the Silents have her in captivity.  River will kill the best man she has ever known at some point (soon, maybe, since she is in episode 7 entitled 'A Good Man Goes to War' and is subsequently arrested and put in Stormcage. She could be seperated from her baby at this point. The nature of her and the Doctor's relationship makes it likely that he won't be around for the birth, so she may give the child to Amy as the person she can trust, hence the photograph in the orphanage. Since the Doctor is meeting River in opposite order (something Moff was VERY keen to stress in this series), I reckon from his timeline's POV, she has a child with him long before they get married, whereas for her they could be quite a few years into marriage. And I do think they'll get married, just not in any ordinary fashion!

 Amy's pregnancy and the Doctor's death
I'm putting these two together because they fit into the same theory. And it doesn't at all fit in with my above theory. This one is that there are two seperate universes, but instead of being parallel to one another, they are merged. When the cracks in time were closed, they fused together a universe where Amy's parents are alive and a universe where they are not. The Silents use this strange phenomona to create an existence where they can slip in and out of people's memory. Amy could be both pregnant and not pregnant. The TARDIS is unable to decide because it was at the heart of the explosion and merging of the Universes. For this to work the little girl would need to be Amy's daughter and born with the 'Time Head' they joked about (Moff did say to watch out for those throwaway comments!). However, in order to put the world to rights again, Team TARDIS will need to seperate out one world from another ... hence why the astronaut has to kill the Doctor at the Utah lake, so he can be 'reborn' in the other Universe. Amy may have to give birth to her in one universe, then leave for the other, knowing that her daughter has to suffer at the hands of the Silents. Supporting this is the strange woman with the eyepatch who comes through the hatch saying, "I think she is just dreaming" Flashback to Amy's Choice - the Dream Lord creates two universes where the trio switch between the two. Is this what is happening for the whole of series 6? 

This is a little dark  and complicated for a kids show. I don't like this theory. Moving on ...


The Silents said they had been on Earth since  'the wheel and the fire' (or at least this could be what he said, his voice was raspy). Google is coming up with various explanations for 'Wheel of Fire' including an interesting one about Zeus and Hera, but nothing on the exact reference. Not sure what this could mean at all, therefore. But it has to mean something, perhaps he is referring to when the two universes merged? Is it something we'll see at the Finale?

Amy is referred to as Amelia by the Silents. Once again supports my idea of two merged universes, two Amys - plus isn't she cloned in an upcoming episode?

President Nixon asks one of the men at Apollo 11 about the child he is expecting, and he responds saying he wishes for a healthy American. This seems like irrelevant chitchat, but it might be there to force home the point that there is more to Amy's apparent pregnancy than it seems.

Why does the little girl regenerate six months later and not right away? Is something else following her and trying to kill her? She knows all about regeneration, which suggests she is older than her young body suggests ... but this would not support either of my two theories!!

Could the Silents have used the little girl to blow up the TARDIS since as a Time Lady she might carry some intuitive knowledge or ability of how to pilot it?

As you can tell, my mind has been racing for the past fifteen hours, but I'm going to stop there. The fantastic thing about theMoffat's reign is that you never stop thinking. Even when one thing resolves itself, you're brain is already tangled up with the next thing. Pure genius. I knew this two-parter would be the highlight of my E aster but I had no idea it would be this good.

And next week back to Doctor Who as we know it, with cheesy pirates :-P

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bardingtidebardingtide on May 1st, 2011 11:22 am (UTC)
I think what they meant by "the wheel and the fire" was simply that they have been around since the begining of humanity. Since we discovered fire and the wheel.

At least that's what I took it to mean
Laurasarahandcocoa on May 1st, 2011 12:25 pm (UTC)
I did initially, but then with them saying we can't take any throwaway comment for granted, I wondered if they meant something more literal.
mohamedhyta on November 2nd, 2011 12:39 am (UTC)
Thank you for sharing the info. I found the details very helpful.